How to create your first expedition

  Frequent Questions

Go to the Expeditions option in the main menu.

Select the the client who is placing the order, click on Add expedition button and fill the data about the expedition. You have to have the client already in the database to make an order (See How do I add clients section).

Expeditions are created with the “draft” status by default. The status can be changed afterwards.

After filling the info about the receiver and the extra services (if it’s the case) click Ok for saving the expedition and you’ll be able to  view it in the list.

Also, to make it easier for your couriers to find the address and to use the route optimizer option in the rollcart, is possible to pinpoint the exact positions on the map using the “Add position” option.

Going back to the list page, you can assign orders to couriers and generate rollcarts for them.

If you do the same operation logged in as a client, you won’t be able to change the status directly – but you can select expeditions in the list and click the “Finalize” button on the bottom. Make sure your clients know they have to do this – draft expeditions aren’t considered ready to be picked up.

If the assigned courier has the Android application installed, he will receive a notification that he has new orders.