How do I set my delivery zones?

  Frequent Questions

Setting up delivery zones is done from the Zones option in the main menu. Zones defined here, together with associated tarifs will be used for invoicing your clients and routing your expeditions.

There are two types of zones:

  • pricing zones – used to set prices for expeditions;
  • routing zones – used for your internal organization and assigning different franchisors/partners that handle expeditions for you.

You can specify one type or another when adding a new zone from the “Type” field.

Each zone has a “parent” – so you can create groups of cities belonging to a certain region, or smaller special tariffs zones in a city.

You can check the “Same city zone” option to use it in multiple cities where you operate, without the need to add a specific local zone for each city. And you can check the “Same county zone” for a zone that applies to all expeditions in the same county/province.

For each zone, you have to also define the provinces and cities it contains. This is done after adding a new zone, by accessing the details page of that zone (click on the magnifying glass icon ( ).

The system takes into consideration both sender and receiver addresses. For example if they are in different zones, the expedition will be in a zone that contains both of them (this is why you need to set a parent for all zones except one).

To add all the regions and cities in the country to a zone, just leave the region and city fields empty and click Add. You will usually do this for the zone without a parent.